365 Day Money Back Guarantee Disclaimer

Last Updated on Feb 4th, 2021
Listen, let’s be clear here. CCFL can’t guarantee that Customer(s) will all of a sudden turn into the best parent in the world over night. Anyone selling any product/service that guarantees stuff like that is full of it. What CCFL can guarantee is that if Customer(s) takes all the training and does all the work to the best of their abilities, significant improvements will be created & seen in their kids development, plus in Customer’s current parenting mindset that brought the Customer to CCFL in the first place. Learn to Speak Kid will be one of the best investments a Customer will have ever made in the Customer’s parenting education journey.
The information the Customer(s) gets from Thomas’ 18,000+ hours of in-the-trenches experience working with kids without ever using punishment, or anything negative, will significantly elevate Customer’s skill level, allowing Customer(s) to avoid painful situations with their kids that will pay for the course many times over.
However, if Customer quits the program and/or didn’t do all the training before the year is finished can CCFL guarantee Customer(s) will create any results? The answer, is nobody can.

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